New Haven: Architecture

New Haven has been a center for architecture and urban design for nearly four centuries; the following articles attempt to delve into some of the design work that has helped put this city on the map while piquing the interest of readers with or without formal design training. 

Salimos de La Jungla: Renewing Church Street South Housing

Edgerton Park: New Haven’s English Manor Garden

New Haven’s Community Policing District Substations

Cultivating Types and the Expansion of Yale’s Residential Colleges (coming soon…)

  1. Developing Dixwell to Connect and Buffer the Yale Campus
  2. Site Development Strategies and the Prospect-Sachem Triangle (coming soon…)
  3. Innovating on Tradition: The Design of Yale’s New Residential Colleges (coming soon…)

Cass Gilbert in New Haven (coming soon…)

Trends in Multi-Family Apartment Housing (coming soon…)